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Santorini Wall Paintings - Santorini Frescoes

Akrotiri Paintings - Hand made reproductions
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The excavation of AKROTIRI, Thera, under the directorship originally of the late Profesor Spyridon Marinatos, and since his untimely death in 1974 that of Profesor Christos Doumas, has been from its outset in 1967 under the sponsorship of the Archaeological Society of Athens. This Bronze Age city, which flourished thirty-six centuries ago, has produced a wealth of material, foremost amongst which are the artistically superb wall paintings.

Most of the Santorini wall paintings were discovered by 1974.

In matters of detail the paintings have been provided totally unexpected information. Assuming that specific depictions reflect real life forms in Aegean World, we find amazing evidence for ships , their size and constructions, for urban architecture, for the richnes of dress and jewellery, and for the natural environment of plants and animals.

The pigment used by Theran painters were mineral. Apart from the white of the lime plaster red was obtained from ferrous earths and haematite, and yelow from yelow ochre. Black also seems to be of mineral provenance.



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